Malik Shah I

Jalal al-Dawla Malik Shah aka Malik Shah I who ruled the Seljuk Empire from 1072 to 1092. He ascended the throne after the death of his father Alp Arsalan.

Malik Shah I

He was the true successor of the worthy and brave father and was similar to him in character. Alp Arsalan had nominated him in his life. The Abbasid Caliph Qaim Ballah ratified his government and his coin and sermon were issued in all Seljuk possessions. His era was very important in terms of political rise, intellectual progress and religious greatness. During his reign, not only was the whole of Damascus annexed by the Seljuk government, but Turkestan was conquered, tributes were paid to the Khaqan of China, and the Islamic flag was flown to the Syrian coast. In his time, there was peace and prosperity everywhere. Trade and industry flourished. The road was safe and his covenant deserved to be called golden in every way. There was no shortage of scientific progress, religious greatness, economic prosperity and cultural prosperity. He was brave and courageous and succeeded wherever he went. He subdued every enemy and expanded the Seljuk government.

After his death in 1092, the Seljuk Empire began to decline and was divided into different parts. In Anatolia, Qalaj Arsalan I founded the Seljuk Rome. His brother Tatash I in Syria, Barkiarq in Iraq, Mahmoud I in Persia and Ahmed Sanjar in Khorasan came to power.

It was the differences between the Seljuks that led to the victory of the Christians in the First Crusade in 1096 and they conquered Jerusalem.

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