Mesud I

Massoud I, Massoud I or Massoud I (modern Turkish: I. Rekandin Massoud or Rokun al-Din Massoud (Persian: رکن دین مسعود) was the Sultan of Rome from 1116 until his death in 1156).

After the defeat and death of his father, College Arsalan, who fought against the Redwan of Aleppo in the Battle of the Khabar River in 1107, [1] Masood lost the throne to his brother Malik Shah. With the help of the Danes, Massoud captured Konya and defeated Malik Shah in 1116, later blindly killing him. Massoud later conquered their lands by turning to the Danish Amendments. In 1130, he began construction of the Aladdin Mosque in Konya, which was later completed in 1221. [2]

Towards the end of his reign, Massoud fought against the forces of the Second Crusade. There were actually two armies, one led by Emperor Conrad III of Germany and the other by King Louis XV of France. Masood defeated them both. The first was in 1147 at the Battle of Dorylim near the modern Eskişehir [3] and the second in 1148 near the modern Denizli at Laudsia.

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