Mikail of Kınık tribe

Mikail ibn Seljuk Beg was a Turkic chieftain who lived in the early 11th century.

Mikael Ibn Seljuk Beg was a Turkish chief who lived in the early 11th century.

His father was a Seljuk who is known as the founder of the Seljuk family. [1] Although his grandsons would become sultans after his death, the Seljuk was only a leader of the Kank tribe, which was part of an Oggs Turkish Confederation (see Oggs Yabgu State).

Michael was one of the sons of Seljuk Beg. [2] Like other Oghuz, the Seljuks and their sons were initially non-Muslims. But after the change, they started fighting against non-Muslims. Michael was killed in one of those battles. Although the exact date of his death is not certain, it must have been in the early 11th century (1009?). [3]

Michael Beg had two sons: Chagri (989–1060) and Tughral (990–1063). He laid the foundation of the Seljuk Empire. [4] Chagri is the forerunner of all later Seljuk sultans

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