Seljuk sultan Tughral Beg

Tughral Beg

Tughral Beg, full name Rukn-ud-Din Abu Talib Muhammad ibn Michael (September 4, 990 to 1063) (Turkish: Tuğrul) was the first Seljuk sultan of the Seljuk Empire. Tughral united the Turkish warriors of the great Eurasian steppe into a united tribe, and all of them were descended from the Seljuk family, and led them in the war in eastern Iran. Notable among the Seljuk chiefs were Tughral Beg, Chaghri Beg, Ibrahim Anyal and Qatlamash, who were always trying to expand their empire. But each of them was active for his own sake. Among them, Tughral Beg prevailed.

At first, the pilgrims of Jirjan and Tabaristan accepted his obedience on the condition of paying an annual tribute. Qazvin and Hamzan also accepted the government of Seljuk and Isfahan ruling Frammers also accepted a hefty payment. Later, when the Framers changed, he captured Isfahan, occupied other areas, reached Baghdad and married the Caliph’s daughter. When Tughral Beg entered Neshapur, his name was recited in the sermon.

He passed away at the age of 70 (70) on 8th Ramadan 455 AH in Alri

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