sultan Suleiman-Shah

This article is about the great Seljuk Sultan. For the son of Anatolian Seljuks, see Suleiman the Magnificent.
Don’t get confused with Solomon.

This article is about the great Seljuk Sultan
sultan Suleiman-Shah

Ghaith Eid Dunya Ibn Muhammad (? – April 1161), officially known as Sulaiman Shah (Persian: سلیمان شاه), was the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire from 1159 to 1160.

Sulaiman Shah was the son of Sultan Muhammad I Tapar. His mother was Gohat Khatun, the daughter of Ismail bin Yaqut. His three brothers Mahmud II, Tughrul II and Massoud became sultans of the Seljuk Empire. [1] Earlier, he was accompanied by his uncle Sultan Sanjar, who declared him heir and placed his name on the pulpits of Khurasan in a sermon. After enduring Sanjar’s Oghuz, Suleiman Shah took command of the Khurasan army, although he proved too weak to deal with Oghuz, Suleiman Shah went to Kharazm Shah, who married his brother Aqis’s daughter. Kardi [2] The couple had a son named Singer. After the accession of Sultan Muhammad in 1152, Suleiman Shah, along with others, attacked Muhammad and the caliph called him “Al-Mel al-Masdar”. He was proclaimed Sultan of Baghdad in 1156/57, but was later defeated by Muhammad.

Travel to Hamadhan

On January 12, 1160, Suleiman Shah traveled from Mosul to Hamadhan. The reason for going to Hamadhan was that after the death of Prince Muhammad, son of Sultan Mahmud, the great emirates sent Atabig Qutb Alaun Maudood, the owner of Mosul, to send Prince Suleiman Shah from them, so that he would be able to do so. Make it a royal investment. An agreement was reached between them that Sulaiman Shah should be the Sultan, Qutbuddin Maudood should be his Atabig, that Jamaluddin, Qutb al-Assad Maudood should be the Vizier, Sulaiman Shah and Zainuddin Ali should be the Vizier Suleiman Shah should be the commander of the army. They all swore to accept it, and Suleiman the Magnificent was equipped with large sums of money, campaign equipment, offerings, autonomous reguli, and the like, which fit the Sultan. He left for Hamadhan with Zaaluddin to lead the Mosul army.

As they approached the hills, the army came to join them, a group and a nobleman would meet them daily, until a large army would gather around Suleiman the Magnificent. Zainuddin considered him a treat because he saw that the Sultan had so much pressure on him and he showed so much respect that his trouble became inevitable. So he returned to Mosul. When he went back and left Suleiman Shah, the plans did not work out and he failed to achieve his wish. The army arrested him at the gates of Hamadhan in October 1160 and made a sermon for Arsalan Shah, the son of Sultan Tughiril II, whose mother was married to Eldkis.

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